Welcome to Natsu no Hoshizora ~ Project forum ! We're a group dubbing japanese songs, mostly Hello!Project ones.
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 Rururules ~

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PostSubject: Rururules ~   Sun 14 Jun - 20:32

Welcome on this forum ! Here are the different rules you'll have to follow, so that everything will go well ^^ :

-First RESPECT everyone. No insults.
-Don't share personnal informations, such as your name, adress, telephon number (that's for you =) )  
-If you have a problem with a member, please inform me by PM.
-Don't publish anything dealing with racism, sexual or illegal things.

Last but not least, have fun =). We're here because we all love singing and H!P, release high quality/professional dubs are not what I'm looking for with this project.

Please agree and sign ! ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Rururules ~   Sun 14 Jun - 21:16

I agree Very Happy
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Rururules ~
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